How to Check effective SEO approach for your blog

You’ve been working with an SEO company for months or years now, but all they have managed to get you is first page rankings with minimal growth in your business. At some point, effective SEO approach you got to ask yourself whether the company is helping you or if it’s part of your business demise. Is whatever they’re doing going to hurt your website later on?

Let’s face it, SEO, well good SEO, is never an overnight success. It takes time to build your website with the right content and other marketing strategies to ensure a boost in your ranking and your business. But, is your SEO company employing tactics that are going to plunge your website? The sooner you dig into what your SEO agency is doing, the better the chance of determining whether they’re hurting or helping your site and business in the long run.

Here are the major signs that you’re working with a bad SEO company.

1)  They never ask or talk about your business goals:

When you hire an SEO agency, you expect them to help you achieve your business goals effective SEO approach. They should know the ins and outs of your business and what you aim to accomplish.

Yea, top rankings are really nice. But, they do not add to the bottom line. You may be ranking top today but keep in mind that rankings continuously shift. Therefore, your SEO agency should help you design a campaign aimed at achieving your set business goals. If your SEO company doesn’t even know or ask about your goals, what are they working towards? Aren’t they only sucking money from you?

2)  They only focus on organic searches:

Organic searches matter, and as we all know, SEO companies work to optimize your website on search engines. But, is this all they should do?
A good SEO Company like prpostin  provide more than just search engine optimization services. They should coordinate with all the other marketing strategies for optimal results. They should also provide content A/B testing, high-quality content writing, press releases, email marketing, creating homepage content and product videos, and many other services. A good SEO company also brings new marketing opportunities to your attention and discusses ways to utilize such opportunities to the benefit of your business.

So, if you’re working with an SEO agency that only focuses on building your organic traffic, you need a new agency that focuses on every aspect to build your website and business.

3)  They’re stuck with the same strategy:

Your SEO company’s approach might have been great a few years back but if they don’t update it consistently, am afraid they’re only going to hurt your business.

Imagine this; Google rolls out about 500 to 600 updates to its algorithm each year. Although most of these updates are minor, the few significant updates can have major impacts on your business. Good examples of major updates are the Panda and Penguin, which were made a few years ago. Such updates affect your website and business at large. If you’re working with a good SEO company, they implement new strategies to keep up with such changes. If you have a dubious SEO agency, they stick with the same plan and campaign.

It’s up to your SEO Company to follow up on changes. They should inform you and device new ways to keep your website in line with the new requirements. If they don’t, it’s time to let them go.
Note this, some strategies, such as effective SEO approach and using meta data, are just a dead giveaway that you’re working with the wrong SEO Company. Fire them before they hurt your website or business.

4)  They care about keywords and ranking than sales:

Here’s the thing, keywords and ranking are vital. However, leads and sales are even more essential.
Keep this in mind: ranking on top doesn’t guarantee you any sales.

Imagine ranking on top only to realize that it’s for the wrong keyword? That earns your business nothing. It only shows that your SEO agency cares more about ranking your website on top and less about the sales.

A website can fail to rank on top but have a spike on new leads and sales. This is good SEO work. An SEO Agency that focuses on both your site’s ranking and your business sales is an agency that you should work with. This is because they focus on all marketing strategies, including email marketing and digital marketing strategies, on top of working their SEO plan.

If your SEO agency cares more about rankings than sales, they’re not helping your business. It’s time to get your business a new SEO Company.

5)  One time solutions with no maintenance and improvement plans:

As stated at the beginning of this article, SEO is not a onetime overnight fix. It takes time to obtain substantial results from SEO strategies. Even after taking the #1 spot for the keyword that you want, it requires a plan to maintain it.

So, if your SEO agency gets you ranked on top but they have no long-term plan to maintain and improve your SEO, you’re working with the wrong agency. Yes, they gained your site traffic and increased your sales for the past year, but now everything is static. No new leads or sales and no plan to maintain and improve what they achieved either. This is a sign that they’ll end up hurting your website and business.

An SEO company with no long term plan for your website’s optimization is a highway to failure. Such companies are not even prepared to navigate significant changes that Google rolls out or any other changes in the SEO industry.

How do you spot such agencies? All they do is brag about past success without providing any plan to improve your SEO or increase your leads and sales.


effective SEO approach takes time, and it’s good to be patient with the agency that you hire. However, you should learn everything you can on SEO to enable you to spot lousy SEO Agencies that will end up hurting your business in the future. This way, you’ll keep your website and business protected.

If you happen to learn that your current SEO Company is terrible, fire them and employ a new one. Don’t let one bad experience hinder you from hiring a capable SEO company. If done right, SEO has massive returns.


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How Freelance Marketing Experts Beat Digital Agencies

Does your business own a website? If yes, you already have a competitive edge in your target market. However, to get the best result, your website needs to properly designed and optimized for search engines, so as to reap all the SEO benefits.

Of course there are several ways you can go about handling your search marketing strategy, with the two most popular choices being hiring a digital marketing agency or freelance marketing expert. But which way is likely to reap the best results for your budget?

Both of these options come with their own benefits and drawbacks, and they can be quite useful in helping to promote your business. However, between the two, hiring a freelance SEO experts can prove to be the best course of action. Below is a look at some of the advantages you can gain from hiring a freelancer as opposed to a digital marketing agency.

Customised digital marketing solutions:

One of the major drawbacks with hiring a marketing agency is that they usually don’t offer customized digital marketing solutions. Since most agencies are large and with several clients, they usually work with your team on a retainer basis, where you pay a specified amount of money, and in turn, they perform a standard and set list of digital marketing tasks. On top of that, most agencies will use the same or similar digital marketing techniques on all of their clients, which might mean that you are getting similar solutions as your competitors. As a result, you run the risk of only running basic marketing campaigns that offer your business no competitive edge when using a digital agency.


As freelancer Martin Wilson points out: “Self-employed digital marketing experts tend to offer more custom and personalised marketing solutions. And since a freelancer is most likely the only person handling your marketing campaign (as opposed to a team) they will focus solely on your business, and more importantly, understanding its unique needs.” From here, they can be able to create custom digital marketing solutions that are specific to your business. This will result in more effective marketing campaigns that offer you a competitive edge in the market.

A freelance marketing expert is more affordable:

Another benefit of hiring a freelance marketing specialist is in the cost of the services offered. If you hire a freelancer, you only have to pay him or her the fee for performing the required task and for a specific period of time. Most digital marketing agencies, on the other hand, work with monthly retainers, which you will continue paying until you terminate the agency’s contract.

On top of that, the average fees for a freelancer are considerably lower compared to those of a digital marketing agency. This is because most agencies will dedicate a team of full-time employees to your business, whose expenses you will be billed for. Also, agencies have high overhead costs compared to freelancers, and this will seep into your digital marketing packages fees. Freelancers, on the other hand, mostly work from home on their own and have fewer overhead costs such as office space rentals and rates.

However, when choosing a freelancer to handle your marketing strategy, you should never sacrifice quality for affordability. Be sure to choose a reputable and reliable freelance marketing expert who (while still affordable) will give you great value for your money.

Flexibility in designing and managing digital marketing strategies:

Another advantage of working with a freelancer is flexibility when it comes to creating and managing your marketing strategies. Since freelancers don’t usually handle too many clients at once, they are able to adapt to your schedule. With a freelancer, you will only be dealing with one person, which means that the lines of communication are shorter and faster. Therefore, they can be able to make quick modifications and updates to your online marketing campaigns when the need arises. A good entrepreneurial freelancer is also able to work efficiently on his/her own, leaving you with enough time to focus on other business tasks.

With a digital marketing agency, however, you will often need to work within the agency’s schedule whenever you want to modify your campaigns or website. The process is also likely to take longer, as you will be dealing with several people to make the changes – account manager, project manager, marketing specialists, etc. The inflexibility of the agencies can thus cost you a lot in the form of time and resources.

Freelance marketing experts have specialised skill sets:

One of the best advantages of hiring a freelancer marketer is that you can find one with a lot of experience working in the industry, thus giving you access to specialised skill sets. This is because freelance marketers work with different clients, and thus over time, they gain experience and great insight into various digital marketing strategies. This experience is a vital factor when running your marketing campaigns, and it can greatly help to improve their effectiveness.

As many businesses have discovered, it’s tempting to stick with your existing agency regardless of the specialist skills required. Time and time again brands make the mistake of hiring their existing web design agency to implement search engine optimisation or pay per click advertising campaigns. The reason this often fails to generate high ROI is because website designers are designers, rather than search engine marketers or advertising specialsits. Sure, some agencies acknowledge the fact that many specialists lack experience in basic marketing rules-of-thumb, such as fully understanding a brand’s specific benefits – which can often be a core skill needed in many marketing diciplines.

High-quality work and more satisfaction when using freelancers:

With the right freelance marketing expert, you can expect high-quality work that will be to your satisfaction. This is because freelancers only get paid for the work they do, and it is their reputation that keeps getting them, clients. Therefore, an honest, reliable, and trustworthy freelance marketer will be driven to succeed, which means delivering high-quality work that will impress you. After-all they reap the benefits of getting all the credit for the results achieved, which can often be lost when the work is part of a team effort – with the agency on a whole getting credit for the work done.

However, this does not mean that all freelance marketers you meet will be trustworthy and reliable. Even on freelancing platforms such as UpWork, there are regular mentions of unscrupulous marketing specialists who practice underhanded tactics with the aim of getting quick money. However, with most clients demanding quality work, such freelancers run the risk of getting a bad reputation, which can often encourage them to change their ways.

When looking to market your online business, you can either hire a digital marketing agency or go with a freelance marketing expert. Every job is different and it’s horses for courses. A freelancer, however, can be a better option, especially if you are a small to medium-sized business with a limited budget and in need of personalized digital marketing solutions. You just need to make sure that you are careful when selecting your freelancer so as to reap all the benefits they offer without any drawbacks.


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