4 Reasons to Pick SEO Friendly Website Design

When you consider developing a website on your own, possibilities are that you imagine a website with all the bells and whistles – flash films, sensational images, streaming audio – the works! But, unknown to you, these components might actually be harming your business prospects since what appears appealing on the surface is detractive when it pertains to search engines rankings. If your website consists of these components, it is automatically relegated to a much lower rank despite the fact that the material is relevant and you are using cutting edge technology seo optimized website design.


In short, it is essential to keep away from design aspects that can damage search engine rankings.


Sadly, a recent survey revealed some terrible results. 1 in every 10 website designers thinks that SEO is not their business. Worse, more than 24% of website designers do not have the foggiest concept about what SEO is!

Prior to exploring the reasons to go with an SEO friendly website design, it is important to comprehend what this is all about.


You see, online search engine utilize automated ‘web spiders’ to crawl through websites. These ‘web spiders’ gather essential info about the website. The details they obtain assists them examine the significance of a website for particular keywords. Now, you need to bear in mind that these are automatic programs that have been coded to crawl through websites in a particular method. The spiders transfer the information they collect in a database. So, when a user queries a keyword, the search engine dips into this database and lists pages according to relevance. Pages that ‘appear’ more relevant come out on top, while those that are not, wind up at the bottom.


While design elements alone are not responsible for dismal search engine rankings, they too play a crucial function.


Whether you are a professional web designer or a business owner, it is important to know why you need to constantly, constantly aim for an SEO friendly website design.

– An SEO friendly website design is the best method to befriend search engines. If search engines are not delighted with your design, you can anticipate just a drip of traffic from back-link recommendations and direct visitors.


– Surveys show that approximately 45-65% of web traffic to any website comes from search engines. For that reason, a website design that is not online search engine friendly is cleaning its hands off this remarkable volume of traffic.


– Generally, an SEO friendly website design is likewise very easy to use. For that reason, ensuring that you utilize proper HTML coding, target correct keywords through material and meta tags, use ALT tags, use proper links and so on, make the site fast to download and easy for the user.


– An SEO friendly website mentions quality web page design. If you are a business with some standing, the sort of web page you have impacts your brand value.

prpostin can design websites that are compatible with SEO campaign but are likewise really valuable for online marketers of their own accord. SEO friendly website design prpostin.com must be appealing and very user friendly.

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Link Building Tips You Need For Successful Local SEO

Many businesses with online websites prefer not to have a nationwide, or even worldwide clientele, as they would like to keep things local to appeal to customers that are able to visit their physical location.

Nowadays, when you type in a generic phrase into a search engine, such as “kitchen tile”, you are often led to businesses around your area that sell or specialize in what you have typed. The search engine will associate your business with a location using satellites and will show your business on a map and at the top (or near the top) of search results every time someone nearby needs what you can offer them. That’s the magic of local SEO.

What do you need for your business to take part in local SEO? Firstly, you will need a physical address where your company takes place. Your business likely has this already. Secondly, your address must be written on the footer or “contact us” section of your website.

This is how to get started with local SEO, and to further optimize local search results in your favor, hire a quality local SEO company. In the meantime, here are several link building tips to take your local SEO further.

Ask For Backlinks

For new businesses just starting out, this is a great way for readers to discover you. Depending on your situation and relationships with others, though, this can either be very simple or very challenging.

What you need for backlinks is a website belonging to a friend, relative, coworker, colleague, or basically anyone that you are close to and is willing to help promote your business. Ask them to include a backlink so their readers have a chance to become exposed to your business. However, the backlink needs to make sense in context. For example, if you have a friend who manages a cooking blog, your business needs to relate to cooking in order for your friend’s readers to have an interest in your business.

Make Connections With Local Writer

If you are just starting out as a business that has an online presence, one way to get ahead quickly is to contact a local blog writer that you can use as an influencer. What you would like them to do is to write a blog about your company, location, product(s) and/or service(s).

Ask the writer to review a product, visit your location or store, or even attend a trade show or convention that you’ll appear at. These are all great ideas for blogs that will put your company front and center and give it exposure to readers across town. Blog writers often oblige to writing about local businesses as it gives them plenty of ideas and inspiration for their next posts.

Write Your Own Guest Blog

There are a number of different websites that can allow you to write and publish your very own blog post, other than your own website. Writing a guest blog on another site will allow you to have your content seen by other people without being confined to your own domain. There are a few rules you must adhere to for guest blogging, however:

The post must be professionally written, with no spelling and grammatical errors. Your post should relate closely to your topic that your business specializes in. But in order for the post to do its job, include a backlink that gives readers a direct path to your website. Do not write about or self-promote your company or product and discuss how great they are. Self-promoting or badly written articles can actually do more harm than good to your company’s reputation.

Become A Sponsor

Being a sponsor for a local event in your area is a very traditional practice among businesses, but it is one that benefits link building so that your business is more present in local search results. If you have your business sponsored, it will create effective backlinks and also create brand awareness for your website.

There are various events across your area that you can sponsor, from school and club functions to festivals and awards ceremonies. Being a sponsor for local events does cost money, but it is a drop in the bucket compared to what you would like the sponsorship to do, which is to generate more business and build some effective backlinks.

As you can see, there are multiple ways in which you can create exposure to your website locally and drive up your local SEO, and that doesn’t mean your efforts must stay online, either. Essentially, making connections and building relationships locally is the key to growing your company’s online presence.


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Latest Web Design Trends 2019

Designers are likely to get quite anxious about bringing in new and improved web design trends which could set the stage lit with excellently created websites. While everyone may be seeking to emerge different from the rest of the crowd and shine bright with their creations, it becomes quite essential to find some absolutely new trends within the designing industry.

Well, with numerous designers in the industry, there are new ideas emerging now and then. All you require is to keep track of these trends so that you are not left behind with designs that are now obsolete. This is therefore all about 2019 web design and some perfect tips that would let you make your way out very easily.

Relevant Web Design Trends For 2019

Overall these years, web design has been all about rampant creativity that abandoned traditional stock photos and grids, that initiated vibrant illustrations, asymmetrical layouts and bold colour schemes. During the other years, web design company in UAE had been about various technological advancements with subtle interaction and machine learning. There had been various shifting paradigms that determined prevailing trends over all this time. Listed below are a few most suitable web design trends 2019.

1. On-Screen Serifs

There had always been several common preferences regarding serifs like sans serifs for screens and serifs for the prints. However, design trends are always about shaking up the prevailing convention. With the clear readability that is provided by sans serifs, they are likely to be on the longer go for the sessions that consider website copy. There are more and more brands which are now turning out towards bold serifs for headers and callouts. Serifs were originally designed to be decorative and this is a reason just enough that makes them more impactful. Even if they belong to the past, they could be easily adaptable.

2.Black and White Palettes

While web developement, colours are regarded to play the most important elements that certainly add life to subtle designs. Colours are responsible for cultivating mood and unifying the users and the brand via visual landmarks. In 2019 however, black and white designs are likely to be impactful and highly preferable. It is quite obvious that we start looking at the world differently in the absence of colours. Without colours shapes and textures tend to become clearer and the world turns noticeably slow. While white is clean and reserved, black acts assertive and strong. Combining these avails with a striking appearance altogether.

3.Glitch Art

Without a few retro designs arriving back to the scenes, the trends in this list would seem to be meaningless. Glitch art could be considered as a retro that went wrong. Glitches are however still significant in modern times where computers seem to be pervasive. The breakdown of technology gives designers an appealing subject matter whether within an idea or for execution. It could draw ups the viewers’ sight to places that are double-exposed, warped and glitched. Glitch art allows bringing in a psychedelic look by introducing a feeling of disorientation within the website.

4.Natural and organic shapes

Although web pages are generally known to be set for systematic grids, designers seem to be turning towards smooth lines and natural shapes. While geometric shapes like rectangles, squares, and triangles bring in the sense of stability, web design 2019 is more about focusing on comfort and accessibility. Since natural shapes are imperfect and asymmetrical, they tend to add more depth to any web design which is further able to stand out from other page elements. They are known to be based on natural elements and free-drawn elements bring in spontaneity considering manmade accidents like paint splatter. The major goal set here is all about coming up with a lively creation.


Micro-interactions could be regarded events with specific purposes; surprise the user and come up with other events that would invite other humans to the same. When specific responses are made to any actions on the website could be considered as micro-interactions. 2019 is going to witness their use heavily for interactive incarnations on the page. These include chimes, hover and scrolling animations and much more. Overall, it could be a good way to involve your audience on your website, creating subtle interactions.

6.Chatbots Evolve

It’s been a while since chatbots have been up and coming. However, in 2019, they seem to have finally brought under the spotlight. Machine learning and advancements in AI that have turned things to be more efficient and interactive could be considered as a good cause of this. The newly created chatbots are likely to be more active on webpages with considerably greater customization than that had been considered in during the past experiences with them. Bright colours will make them prominent and even more inviting. A considerable influx of friendly mascots could be predictable for representing brands and give a personable face to these bots.

7.Involvement of Video content and Motion UI

Video content on the web is not something new anymore. Videos not only help in diversifying the page but also cater to the audience on-the-go who may not be interested in scanning all the text content on the page. The mixed search page results introduced by Google that feature video content above other standard web page contents has been a new appreciable move by it. With this, websites are moving forward towards prioritizing and producing more video content on their websites in order to be easily searchable and offer content that is efficient and sharable.


8.Thumb-friendly navigation

With the evolving use of mobile devices, designs now need to be fledged with elements that are absolutely thumb-friendly. Since users may be generally browsing your websites on mobiles, websites need to be perfect for those interfaces. These may include setting up navigation in ways that webpages could be easily reached by users while they make use of mobile devices. Navigation that is tailored to the thumb is likely to be more preferable among these situations.

Overall the years that find their way to an end, brings up a new beginning for various considerable trends that would be a part of decades that are still to be coming further. The web design trends 2019 mentioned and discussed above will certainly ease a lot of your decisions while trends continue to evolve and come along in entirely new forms.


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The Basics Of Writing SEO Friendly Blog Posts For A Financial Advisor Website

If you are a financial advisor, you need to have a website. It is likely that you have already looked at how to optimize your website for the search engines. One of the steps that you need to take is to have new content via blog posts. The only issue is that you might be about how to write SEO friendly blog posts that will drive more traffic to your website and get more clients.


Think Before You Write:


Before you start writing, you need to carefully consider what your blog posts should be about. Writing purely to create content for your website is not a good idea because you are not going to be providing valuable information. This is why you need to carefully plan the topics that you should write about before you start typing.


When you consider the topics, you need to think about what type of information your visitors will want or need. You also need to consider the goal of the post that you are going to write. Are you looking to provide tips to your readers or do you want to promote a certain service or product? Thinking about this will ensure that you have a better plan for your blog post.


You also need to consider if you have written any posts recently on the same topic. You do not want to rehash topics too often because this will not provide your visitors with valuable information. You could also run the risk of duplicate content which is something that you need to avoid at all times.


Create A Structure For Your Posts:


After you have spent some time thinking about your blog posts, you need to start creating their structure. When you create the structure of the post, you will be defining the different parts of the post and what they will cover. It is good for SEO to have different parts to your blog and to clearly separate them.


When you split your blog posts into different sections, you will also make it easier to write. It is generally easier to write 200 words about a topic than 900 words. It is also easier for your readers to digest the information when it is separated into different subsections.


To create the structure, for your blog post you need to create subheadings. This will ensure that you remember the structure and what you want to write in each section. Doing this will also ensure that you can write the blog post over a number of sittings instead of having to write it all at once.


Create Your Title:


Once you know what you are going to write, you need to look at the title of the blog post. A lot of people underestimate the importance of a good title for their posts. An interesting title that tells people exactly what the post is about is vital to getting organic traffic from the search engines.


To optimize your post title for the search engines, it should be between 55 and 60 characters. This is due to the fact that SERPS will break the title after this. Having no breaks in the title will ensure that potential visitors see the whole title and understand what your post is about.


You should also include your primary keyword in the title. However, when you do this, you should not stuff the keyword into the title. You also should never repeat the keyword more than once in the title or you will not rank very well.


Use The Right HTML Headings:


When you start writing your blog post, you need to think about the HTML coding for it. The most important aspect will be the heading code that you use. To optimize your post, you need to have only 1 H1 tag on the page and this will generally be the title of the post.


Each heading after this will be an H2 tag. However, if you have subsections under each heading, you will need to use the H3 tag. This is important because it tells the search bots what the hierarchy of the content is. The different tags will also cause the headings to appear in different sizes which makes it easier for people who are skimming the content.


Keep Your Paragraphs Short:


When you start writing your content, you need to consider the length of your paragraphs. Research has found that shorter paragraphs will work better than longer ones. Shorter paragraphs are easier on the eyes and will be easier for mobile users to read.


You need to look at keeping your paragraphs to 2 to 3 sentences each. Having some paragraphs that are slightly longer will not hurt, but it should not be the norm in your post. You should also look at using formatting to ensure that your text is not boring or hard to read.


Add Links In The Right Places:


Internal and external linking is something that you need to do in your blog posts. However, you need to ensure that all of your links are in the right place with the right anchor text. This is particularly important when you are looking at internal linking.


Internal linking will connect your new content with older content that is relevant to what you are talking about. You should only insert these links when they are completely necessary. The location of the links should be in the paragraphs that are relevant to the past article.


An example of this will be when you are writing about liability insurance. You could include a link to a post that you have about professional liability insurance when you mention this in your new post. This will provide your reader with more information and ensure that the search engines have the chance to find all of your content by following the link.


When you create a blog post for your financial advisor website, you need to ensure that it is SEO friendly. There are a number of steps that you can take to do this from thinking about the structure to placing links in the right place.


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